Skin Growths

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  • Keloids are abnormal benign fibrotic growths often as a result of a scar or trauma to the skin

  • They may be symptomatic causing itchiness, tenderness, or an uncomfortable sensation

  • Corticosteroid injections may be recommended to reduce symptoms and keloid thickening 



  • Moles, medically referred to as “nevi”, are a cluster of pigmented cells.

  • Moles can present at birth and throughout childhood or adolescence. 

  • Most moles are benign and grow slowly with development.  Some moles may increase in size or darken with hormonal changes. 

  • Abnormal appearing moles should be evaluated and the ABCDE Guide can aid in identifying an unusual mole


Seborrheic keratoses

  • Seborrheic keratoses are very common benign skin growths in adults

  • They often appear as waxy gray, brown/tan wart-like, dry growths that can develop on all areas of the body

  • They do not require treatment.  Removal with liquid nitrogen is common for irritated seborrheic keratoses or for cosmetic reasons


Skin Tags

  • Skin tags are benign soft flesh-colored or tan growths often found in skin folds.
    ion radiation.

  • Typically, skin tags are asymptomatic and without need for treatment.

  • If inflamed from jewelry or clothing, skin tags can be removed with an in-office procedure.