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"I made a mistake on my appt. time and the ladies up front fixed it for me happily.  I have been here many times for my Dad and they are 'fantastic'!  Best I have ever dealt with.  You don't see that service much anymore.  Thanks, Ashley & Kim!"

~Chet Olive, Jr.

“Dr. Straka’s caring expertise over the years has undoubtedly prevented many skin problems for me that would have progressed to more serious issues.  I am indebted to her for the work she does.” 

-John Battaile

“I love this practice.  Everyone is so kind.  I had a great experience today with Laura RN and Rachel NP.  Both are professional and skilled.  I recommend this practice to my friends!  Keep it up!” 

-Deb Baker

“I feel welcomed, respected and most of all cared for when I come to Albemarle Dermatology.  It is tidy, well organized and a pleasant space to be in.  I am very grateful to Dr. Andrews who, so many years ago, recommended Dr. Straka.  Thank you for all you do.” 

- Elaine Futhey


“Everyone was super pleasant and helpful.  Great experience.” 

- Ann Lawson


“Albemarle Derm. And staff make a patient’s visit very special.  Many details often forgotten in other Dr.’s. offices are never forgotten here.  Timely visits, extremely clean and organized facility and proper temperature in the rooms.  They seem to know it only takes a little more attention to be the best.  Thanks!”

- Francis J. Burns, Jr.

"Albemarle Dermatology and Dr. Bonnie Straka and her staff have been taking care of me for 14 years as of 2022 related to two bouts of melanoma in situ on my nose because I wasn't smart enough to use enough sunscreen while refereeing soccer. I'm a 73 year old male and am constantly impressed by the kind, knowledgeable, and caring services I've received from all employees. I couldn't be happier with our relationship. And, FYI, I'm not related to anyone at Albemarle Dermatology nor did anything of value changed hands between us for this testimonial."

– Gary Grant, Earlysville Virginia


"Dr. Straka is simply the best dermatologist. She is extremely capable, knowledgeable, patient oriented, and caring. You are in the best of hands with Dr. Straka." 

– Anonymous Patient

"Rhonda and Dr. Straka are very caring and on top things! Thank you."

– Anonymous Patient


“It was great to see everyone today! I appreciate the friendly and accommodating environment you've created for your clients.”

- Anonymous Patient

"Dr. Straka & Rhonda are wonderful, caring people!"

- Anonymous Patient

"The staff is the most friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They are really kind and understanding of any issue you have with no judgment. As a patient, it is reassuring that that care and will take care of you to the best of their ability. Highly recommend."

- Jenna Ramsey, Google Reviews

"Very friendly and knowledgeable personnel."

- Brian Rueger, Google Reviews

"Friendly, knowledgeable Doctors and staff. Been going to this practice for decades." 

- Theresa Frakes, Google Reviews

"Staff are friendly and helpful."

- Patricia Arrowood, Google Reviews

"Professional and knowledgable. They know skin!"

- Catherine Maino, Google Reviews

"Outstanding, attentive, congenial, absolute professional with acute attention to detail and the patient's well-being. I am in the medical research field and Dr. Lockman is the finest dermatologist I have met in 25 years! I heartily recommend her expertise and sterling character with no reservations whatsoever. Several close friends who switched to her practice all enthusiastically agree."

- Review from Health Grade

"I have been a patient for several years.. I do not think I am a critical type of patient as I am retired healthcare management, but definitely observant.  The office is clean and well maintained. The staff is Very pleasant and helpful. I have had treatment by 2 practitioners and am currently treated by Sara Hawken, NP.  She is very kind, has a gentle touch, and obviously reads my past history (which too often is ignored). She does not overtreat which is a pet peeve of mine and of many. They appear to have current appropriate equipment. They run on time with their schedule. I drive over an hour to get there but I feel it is worth the effort. I have recommended this practice to others."

- Sue S, YELP!

We thank you for being a loyal patient of Albemarle Dermatology and appreciate your feedback.

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